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Tonic, Jump, Little Children, Virgos Merlot, Marvelous 3, Eve 6, Sloan, Big Sky, Tether's End, Longwood, The Verve Pipe, Stir, Dovetail Joint, Shades Apart, Superdrag, Subrosa

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all the photos contained here have been taken by me. if you would like to use any of them, i'd appreciate you mailing me and letting me know. my sister is my partner in crime and she has quite a collection of lovely photos as well. check them out at the GreenRoom. i have quite a few still lying around here, so i'll be uploading little by little. these are concert photos from a handful of shows i've been to. please drop me a line or leave a message in the guestbook if you like what you see. thanks and enjoy.
Poem 4    "Once I"
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