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VM Mulcahy's poster Pearl Jam West Palm 1998 ahhh, everclear one of freebie posterS I got for pre-ordering Yield
the big one is signed but from the cancelled gig with Eve 6...where VM opened...
the Fuel photo at bottom was taken in Savannah, GA Go HATTERS!
Myrtle Beach HOB...a most amazing show
me and my sibs on the flume ride in Busch Gardens
my mini Irish beanie signed by Tonic
*the* tango rose the Sugar postcard I actually got in the mail Make your dreams come me!
the ticket to the last ever VM show...*sniffle* TOOOOooooooL
my computer still my computer
the Axis CD compilation photo of Virgos Merlot
Big Day Out schedule so that we wouldn't miss any bands
the VW gang
a bottle of Vampire Merlot signed by the lovely gents from Virgos Merlot
Shades Apart setlist from Planetfest Marvelous 3 setlist from Gatorbuzz Summerfest EC!
group photo by my fave tree in Gayle's yard I won't die for TONIC!
setlist for the first VM show in Gainesville
boots-Dishwalla, The Verve Pipe, Sonichrome, Fuel, Pearl Jam, Virgos Merlot...on top of the stack is a photo of Emerson's pants
me and my sibs at the Lion King sticker booth