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Kathy's Photos                     Olivia's Photos

The photos in the two above galleries are very old and scanned crappy. They also point back to a time when me and my sister didn't have cool things like ZOOOM lenses and auto focus. hehehe So if you can stand it, you can check out the early work by clicking above.

If you want the newer work, check out the photos below.

These are all my photos and I'm waiting for my sister to upload more of hers. She's in charge of most of the Virgos Merlot photos. Don't hesitiate to mail either Kathy or myself if you have a question about the photos here. The scrapbooks are set up in various styles and will hopefully load at a decent rate. Enjoy yourself and Cheers!


Eve 6 at the Brick City Music Hall

Virgos Merlot @ Club 5

Brought to you by the Letter "S"

Tonic in 1999

Various run-ins with The Verve Pipe

Jump, Little Children

Local Yokels (tm)

Stir photos on

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